Top 5 Best Usb Flash Drive Reviews of 2019

In this modern world, there is no need to keep the record of our works on exercise books or files. Since the computer has invented our life became easier. We can easily keep the record of our works on our PC. It may be project work, a workshop presentation or even a novel or story it can be a video file, mp3 file or photos every essential thing you can store in your PC but there is a problem.

If you have a desktop you can not carry this in your workplace. Sometimes carrying a laptop is also a problem then how can we present those works in our workplace?

The solution is a USB flash drive. It is the most convenient process to move data from one PC to another. There is no faster method to move one file whether it is big and small to another computer through a USB flash drive.

It is the fastest, easiest and reliable method to transfer files. There are various types of USB flash drive available in the market with various storage capacity. In this article, we provide you with a list of top USB flash drive which according to our views is worth buying. But before providing you with the list we want to share some tips which are very important to share.


There are so many products available in the market from various manufacturing companies. The price of the USB flash drive depends upon their capacities, performances and physical feature. Brand value is also another important thing to consider. so before going to buy a USB drive you should at first choose the brand then the capacity and performance you need. Mainly the USB drives get expensive with the capacity and data transferring speed but if you search a lot you can get a high capacity product at a reasonable price.


The performance depends on three things i.e, the interface, USB mass storage controller and NAND flash memory chip that is built in the drive. USB drives support from USB 2 to USB 3.1. The cheaper drives support up to USB 2.0 on which speed can reach maximum 40MBps.USB 3.0 can reach up to 1250MBps and the fastest USB 3.1 SSDs can reach around 440MBps.


Storage capacity is the most important thing to consider for most of the buyers. If you want to use the USB drive for official purpose only then 8GB or 16GB drive is enough for you but if you want to store short video files or mp3 files in your drive then you may go for 32GB or 64GB drive. In case you are a gamer and want to store games then according to our opinion you should buy a 128GB or 256 GB drive. So you should consider at first in which purpose you want to use your USB drive.

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1. SanDisk Ultra Flair:

If you want a value for money product SanDisk Ultra Flair is the right one for you. The performance of this drive is outstanding. At this price, it is hard to find this type of performance in other products.

It is a solid, bar style drive with a plastic cap. It is a USB 3.0 drive but the speed of this drive is excellent. It reaches up to 150MBps in reading speed and it goes up to 60MBps in writing speed.

If you compare this drive with other 3.1 drives it may not disappoint you with its performance. It is also a cheaper product and at this price, it is hard to find this type of product at this price. So if you do not have plenty of money this could be the right option for you.

Key specifications:

Interface: USB 3.0

Storage capacities: 16GB to 256GB

Claimed speed: 150MBps read and 60MBps write

Extra feature: SanDisk Secure Access software.

This product is available in 16GB to 256GB variant. You can choose the right one for you through the performance of this drive remains the same at any given capacity.

In this magnificent drive, you can equally transfer large files and copy smaller amounts of data from your drive to your PC at an outstanding speed. SanDisk also offers SanDisk Secure Access software which protects your important documents. Overall it is a superb product.

2. Leef iBridge 3:

As compared to the other products in this list Leef iBridge 3 stands supreme. It is specially made for iPhone users as it provides extra space to the iOS devices.

The J shape of this drive can easily attach with your iPhone and gives you extra memory so you can capture your valuable moments with ease. This great drive can automatically take back up of your valuable data and contacts so in case you delete something mistakenly, you do not have to worry.

Key Specification:

Interface: USB 3.1

Storage capacities: 16GB to 256GB

Claimed speed:  up to 150MBps

Extra feature: iBridge 3 app

Leef iBridge 3 uses iBridge 3app which automatically take a backup of your valuable data so you can easily get your data back on your iPhone device.

You can quickly transfer photos, videos and other bigger or smaller files from your iPhone iPad to other external drives. It is a USB 3.1 drive which gives you up to 150MBps data transferring speed.

3. SanDisk Extreme CZ80:

In these days SanDisk rocks the market because its products are cheap and durable. Whether it is a USB flash drive or an SD or MicroSD card this company can provide you with the best thing at a cheap price. This product is also not an exception. This pocket-sized flash drive comes with USB 3.0 interface but it is also backward compatible with USB 2.0, so in this case, the speed of transferring data will drop. The data transferring speed of this fabulous drive is also remarkable. It reads up to 245MBps and writes up to 100MBps of speed. This superb speed enables the users to transfer larger files such as HD videos, photos, games etc. so quickly. This product is available in the market in various storage capacities, From 32GB to 128GB variant. You can choose anyone as per your need through the performance remains the same in every variant. Another benefit of this drive is that you can take online back up of your data up to 2 GB through YuuWaa cloud storage. Password protection with SanDisk Secure Access software secures your personal data so you do not have to worry about your personal files.

Key specification:

Interface: USB3.0 & USB2.0

Storage capacities:  32GB to 128 GB

Claimed speed: 245 MBps read and 100 MBps write

Extra feature: YuuWaa a cloud storage service and SanDisk Secure Access software.

4. Samsung BAR (METAL):

Among the other flash drive companies, Samsung is also an important name. This flash drive proves that Samsung’s quality. The build-up quality of this product can easily win your heart. Its durable metal casing made this product waterproof, shockproof and it also made this drive high temperature resistant. This drive comes with USB 3.0 and backward compatibility i.e, USB 2.0 is also available in this drive but with USB 2.0 the transfer will drop. USB 3.0 and NAND technology boost the drive’s data transferring speed. The reading speed goes up to 130 MBps and writing speed goes over 100MBps. So with speed, you can easily transfer bigger files from your PC to the drive. This device is available in the market in 16GB to 128GB variant. The data transferring speed remains the same though. This drive is a durable product and for the metallic body, it is hard to break this drive.

Key specification:

Interface: USB 3.0 & USB 2.0

Storage capacities: 16GB to 128GB

Claimed speed: 130 MBps read and 100 MBps write

Extra Feature: NAND technology

5. SanDisk CZ48:

In this list, we have so many SanDisk products because these products are cheap as well as long-lasting. SanDisk CZ48 is also a user-friendly USB drive which offers you maximum data transferring speed. Its reading speed goes up to 100 MBps and writing speed 190 MBps which will amaze you for sure. You can move your important files whether it is big or small does not matter. You can transfer the files in superfast speed. This drive is also a USB 3.0 enabled and it is also compatible with USB 2.0 so you can plug into any port but in the 3.0 port, the writing speed increases up to 10X than the 2.0 port. There is various storage capacity variant of this drive is available in the market from 16GB to 256GB you can buy the right one for you. SanDisk Secure Access Software protects your data so you do not have to worry about your personal data. With the Rescue Pro Deluxe data recovery software, you can easily recover files with the help of internet. So these awesome specifications made this drive a unique product.

Key Specification:

Interface: USB 3.0 & USB 2.0

Storage capacities: 16GB to 256GB

Claimed Speed: 100 MBps read 190 MBps write

Extra Feature: Sandisk Secure Access software & Rescue Pro Deluxe software.

In this article, we suggest some Flash Drives which can win your heart as we think. Choose the right one that suits you better. Happy shopping.


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