How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages – 5 Best Ways

In the dynamic realm of social networking, Instagram stands tall as a versatile platform that empowers us to share photos, videos, and messages, fostering connections worldwide. The coveted “direct message” feature allows us to engage in personal conversations within the app. Yet, the unfortunate reality is that these cherished messages can vanish, either unintentionally or by design, leaving us scrambling for ways to resurrect them. This blog will help you recover deleted instagram messages.

Fear not, for this article serves as your guide to rekindling those seemingly lost conversations. We’ll delve into various methods, unveiling the secrets to retrieving those precious deleted Instagram messages.

recover deleted instagram messages

Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

Yes, you can recover deleted Instagram messages, but it takes more work to process within the app. Instead, you’ll need to explore alternative methods for secure retrieval.

However, be cautious, as deceptive schemes and fraudulent programs claim to restore deleted messages. Guard against internet scammers to protect your account’s security and online presence.

Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

We will enlighten you with 5 ways to recover your deleted Instagram messages. 

Method 1: Requesting Your Data

If your precious conversations have slipped away, initiating a data request could be your saving grace.

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Click on your profile picture to enter your activity centre.
  3. Locate the Download button to summon your data.
  4. Provide your password to verify and proceed.

Method 2: The Facebook Connection

For those with linked Instagram and Facebook accounts, a potential solution awaits.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Seek out your Facebook inbox.
  3. Find the “Instagram Direct” icon on the left side of the menu bar to recover direct messages.

Method 3: Unearthing Messages on Android

A digital investigation could resurrect deleted Instagram messages from the server depths.

  1. Open Instagram and input your login details.
  2. Reach your profile via the profile-shaped icon.
  3. Tap the trio of lines at the top for a new menu.
  4. Follow the path to “Settings.”
  5. Seek “Security” for account data.
  6. Delve to the bottom of the “Data and History” section.
  7. Share your linked email for data recovery.
  8. Confirm your identity with your password.
  9. Await an email bearing the link to your deleted data.

Method 4: PC Expedition

Prepare for a computer-assisted journey to recover your messages.

  1. Launch your browser and enter Instagram.
  2. Share your phone number, username, email, and password.
  3. Tap your profile for further access.
  4. Locate the settings gear next to the Edit Profile button.
  5. Discover “Privacy and Security” from the menu.
  6. Reach “Data Download” and request data restoration.
  7. Provide your Instagram-linked email, opting for JSON format.
  8. Verify your identity with your password.
  9. Wait for an email with the data link.

Method 5: Limits of “Recently Deleted”

Though a potential ally, Instagram’s “Recently Deleted” feature has limitations.

  1. Access “Recently Deleted” within Instagram.
  2. While it can save stories and media, messages remain untouched.
recover deleted instagram messages


In parting, while the digital age presents wondrous opportunities, the fragility of online conversations is a shared lament. Employ these techniques wisely, ensuring the digital memories you hold dear never go unnoticed. These methods serve as your beacon, guiding you through the intricate web of recovery and ensuring no cherished conversation remains lost in the digital abyss.


Can I restore deleted Instagram messages easily?

Recovering deleted messages requires alternative methods, as Instagram lacks a direct option. Stay cautious of scams promising instant restoration.

Is data privacy a concern during recovery?

Your data’s security is crucial. Trusted methods like data requests and verified apps help recover messages while safeguarding privacy.

What’s the role of Facebook in recovery?

If linked, Facebook can aid recovery by accessing Instagram direct messages. Remember, you must link the messages before deletion.

Can we recover recently deleted messages?

Instagram’s “Recently Deleted” feature helps with stories and media, not messages. Explore other methods for message recovery.

Are third-party apps reliable for recovery?

While third-party apps claim recovery abilities, exercise caution. Stick to trustworthy methods to ensure your account’s safety during recovery.

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