Top 6 Best Memory Card Reader Reviews of 2019

Best Memory Card Reader

Memory card readers are generally used to transfer files from your memory card to your computer or vice versa. In this modern era as technology advances memory card readers also become more advanced. Simple USB 2.0 card reader is a matter of past now.

As the digital media advances the need of high-speed memory card increases day by day that is why manufacturing companies introduce card reader that comes with USB 3.0, 3.1 interface and with these advance memory card you can transfer even a 4k video within some minutes.

There is a lot of memory card reader available in the market but before going to buy a card reader you should know which card reader is right for you.

So in this below section, we provide you with a list containing some wonderful card readers you could choose any of these according to your need.

Best Memory Card Reader

1. SanDisk Image Mate Pro:

SanDisk is well known to us for its cheap but quality products. SanDisk Image Mate Pro is also a quality product as it built well and it is large in size as 122 x 58 x 17 mm.

There are three types of slots available in this card reader CF, UHS-II SD, and MicroSD so the user can use this card reader as they wish.

A detachable USB Type-A cable is also provided by the company with this Card Reader but if like to plug it in USB-C port then you must have an adapter.

The data transferring speed of this memory card is so high with a UHS-II SD card it offers 252MBps reading speed and 210MBps writing speed that can easily beat an expensive card reader. With a UHS-I SD card, it can transfer data speeds of 96MBps read and 83MBps write which is also good transferring speed.

Overall it is a value for money product and it will satisfy your interest as we think.

2. Anker 8-in-1 USB 3.0 Card Reader:

Anker is not a well-known name to us. This manufacturing company makes products that are cheap, reliable and durable. This great piece of card reader offers you fast read and writing speed, easy operating facility and most interestingly you can read and write two cards at the same time in this advance card reader.

The size of this card reader is small so you can easily carry it anywhere. The built up quality of this card reader is no doubt praiseworthy. It is built with high-quality plastic so you do not have to worry about its built up quality.

The company offers an integrated LED light for the users’ ease in checking the status. This is a USB 3.0 enabled card reader which gives you up to 5 Gbps data transferring speed.

It is also backward compatibility enabled so if your computer only supports USB 2.0 you do not have to worry.

Another fabulous feature of this card reader is that it is an 8-in-1 reader that means it is compatible with SDXC, SDHC, SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SD, and Micro SDHC Cards. This special feature i.e, this card reader offers multiple card slots, provides you with an opportunity to simultaneously read and write two cards equally and you do not have to worry about plugging and unplugging again and again.

It works well on any platform whether you have windows or IOS you do not have to worry. This card reader is able to work on any popular PCS and Macs.

Moreover, you do not need to install any driver on your PC before using this card reader. So according to my opinion, this type of product is hard to find and if you are thinking of buying this product it would be the right choice for you.

3. Sony MRW-E90/BC2 XQD:

Sony, a well-reputed manufacturing company, best known to us for their high-end mobiles, cameras, and quality sound systems. In the case of card reader production, Sony is not falling behind.

Sony MRW-E90/BC2 XCD card reader is specially made for high-end cameras as XQD format is gaining ground in high-end cameras. But the XQD readers are not so much popular or in this case, cheap but this card reader’s price is so high. So, if you are fond of Sony’s products and have plenty of money then this card reader is the right choice for you.

Sony claims the maximum reading speed of this card reader is 440MBps and writing speeds up to 400 MBps. Customers like this card reader because it comes with USB 3.1 interface which is capable of providing speed up to 625MBps.

Sony MRW-E90 also support UHS-I, UHS-II SD, SDHC. With UHS-II SD slot this card reader can read up to 201MBps and write up to 112MBps. With UHS-I SD the card reader gives 93MBps read and 83MBps writing speed which is not so high. So, if you are thinking of buying this product then at first reconsider all the above points.

4. FA-STAR SD Card Reader:

This card reader is mainly built for iPhone users. If you have this card reader and an iPhone or iPad you do not need a computer to send photos or videos that you capture from your digital camera.

With the SD camera card reader, this card reader can easily download the photos and videos that you capture from your digital camera. So you can directly save your photos and videos that you capture from your digital camera and save this to your phone and share this with your family and friends through social media in no time.

This card reader is compatible with iOS 9.3 and with the later versions even with the latest iOS 12. With USB 2.0 it provides you 14MBps to 16MBps data transferring speed and this is the best way to transfer your data to your iOS device.

The price of this product is also reasonable so if you are a photographer and have an iPhone device this card reader is the best option for you.

5. Saicoo Smart Card Reader:

This extraordinary card reader by Saicoo will win your heart when you read its specification. This is an inexpensive product and it features four slots and it supports all type of SD card including micro SD cards.

This is an 11-in-1 card reader and it is able to read two different types of memory cards at the same time. So this function may help you to transfer a lot of data in no time.

This smart card reader helps you in many ways you can use it as CAC (Common Access Card) and you can handle many operations like online banking, digital signature applications, Government ID, National ID, etc. this card reader comes with USB 3.0 interface so it can provide you with a good data transferring speed.

Another important feature of this card reader is that it can automatically detect the memory card type and make it ready for reading and write data. It also supports SDXC with a maximum size of 2 TB. This awesome card reader is also compatible with the latest micro SD cards, MMC and the UHS-I standard. The design of this card reader is simply attractive, the glossy black finish may attract you.

Another special feature of this device is it comes with a LED indicator which shows the current status of this device. The company also provide a 13 cm cord with this card reader which provide you with a more convenient connection.

This card reader comes with an 18-month warranty and lifetime technical support. So after considering all the above points, we can say that this product by Saicoo is a value for money product and if you are thinking of buying this product, go for it.

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6. UNITEK USB C Card Reader:

This is another incredible card reader in our list UNITEK USB C card reader which may win your heart we hope. This card reader comes with an aluminum body which made it more durable as compared to other card readers.

It supports lots of card formats and able to read 2 totally different cards at a time. This card reader support micro SD, MMC, SDHC, SDXC, CF cards and many more. This card reader accepts SDXC cards with a maximum 2TB capacity and there is no need of adapter for micro SD cards.

For using this card reader there is no need to install a driver whether you have a Windows, Mac or Linux version computer. It comes with 3.0 interface so you do not have to worry about its data transferring speed. It is able to transfer data up to 5 Gbps of speed.

This card reader also has backward compatibility it is compatible with USB 2.0, 1.1, 1.0. There is also a LED light available with this card reader and that indicates activity status of the card reader. The company also provides a 120CM long cable with the card reader and that may provide you more convenient connection. This card reader comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support.


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