How To Choose A Graphics Card

Choose A Graphics Card

Sometimes there is a good reason to replace or update the graphics card in your PC. For example, because the graphics card no longer functions properly. Or because the graphics card is no longer fast enough, or the quality of the image leaves something to be desired.

But it may also be the case that after purchasing a new monitor, it appears that the types of connections on the graphics card are out of date, and the new monitor cannot be connected.

Questions that may arise when replacing or updating the graphics card are:

  • Which graphics card can best replace the current one?
  • Is upgrading my PC with a new graphics card useful?
  • Can I do a graphics card replacement myself?
  • Which graphics card do I need?

So let me answer the first question. If you want to replace your card then you should go or Nvidia RTX series graphics cards. They have launched RTX 2060, rtx 2070, rtx 2080 and rtx 2080 ti. RTX 2060 is the entry level and RTX 2080 is the high-end card. RTX 2080 ti is for enthusiast gamers who want the best performance and features and doesn’t have any budget issue.

Top-Rated GPU To Buy

Technically speaking, the graphics card processes the computer operations that must be shown on your screen. It is of great importance that this is done as quickly as possible and with the highest possible quality.

Finally, the image is an essential part of your communication with your computer. You see something on the screen and respond with keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks with the mouse. The computer will also start using the data that you have just entered.

When the computer is used for, for example, writing an e-mail or a report, you can imagine that displaying the letters you type on the screen will not demand much from the performance of a PC and graphics card. A graphics card of 30 USD will be fine in this case.

That is very different when graphically complicated and very detailed games are played on the computer. With many PC games, it now seems as if you are moving in a feature film. Really beautiful.

But such games also demand serious performance from the graphics card. Because the game environment is continuously changing and many a game requires that you as a player react quickly. Opinion fanatic gamer, therefore, spends 400 USD or more on a graphics card without glance or blush.

Even if you want to be able to do a little bit of everything, also the graphics card manufacturers will undoubtedly have a graphics card in their range that fits your needs perfectly.

Points to look out for when buying a replacement graphics card

There are therefore quite a few graphics cards that you can choose from. And that sometimes makes making the right choice not easier. However, if you pay attention to the following points when selecting a graphics card, it will undoubtedly make it much easier to replace the graphics card in your PC:


Graphics cards cost from as little as 25 USD to over 300 USD. The amount varies depending on the core clock speed which basically determines how powerful it is. For everyday applications such as using Windows and watching HD movies a card which costs USD 35 is enough but for intensive processes including the latest games, expensive cards are required. The more updated the game, the more expensive the card is the thumb rule.


Nvidia and AMD (ATI) are the most important players in the field of graphics card processors. Graphics cards are made by many hardware manufacturers. But the main component always remains the graphics processor. The eternal struggle between the two most important players makes it almost impossible to say who delivers the fastest graphics processor today.

Memory & Clock Speed

If you work with a standard computer monitor up to a resolution of 1680 X 1050, then you need only a graphics card with 1 GB of memory. For monitors that use a higher resolution, you need a graphics card with 2 GB of memory.

The amount of memory on a graphics card says nothing about the speed of the graphics card. The speed of the graphics card is purely determined by the processor used and the speed of the memory used on the graphics card.

When you use your computer for standard purposes such as: e-mailing, using the internet, word processing and creating spreadsheets, you usually need a cheap graphics card.

If you enjoy playing a game from time to time and you are also busy editing photos and videos on the PC, it is wise to update your computer’s graphics card to what is called a mid-range Map. The same applies if you only value an excellent image. For such a card you usually spend between $ 150 and $ 200.

If you are an enthusiastic gamer, then you can hardly avoid giving yourself a high-end graphics card. However, prices of 400 USD and more are no exception.

Port & Connectors

Port & Connectors

Make sure you purchase a graphics card that has a connection that matches your monitor. Examples of main types of connectors are VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

Card Size & Compatibility

Check the slot in which the graphics card is inserted into the motherboard of your PC. For more modern PCs, this is PCI-Express x16. You can check whether this also applies to your PC via the booklet that accompanies your PC’s motherboard, via the website of your PC’s manufacturer, or via the free-to-download system information tool Speccy.

However, pay attention before you decide to update your graphics card to a high-end graphics card. The newest cards are always the most expensive. But once they are on the market for a while, prices usually drop considerably.

Looking closely and reading reviews on hardware websites such as Tom’s Hardware can sometimes provide you with the necessary benefit. The more so because there are more than once graphics cards on the market that are actually mid-range cards, but that perform so well that a high-end graphics card might become an unnecessary luxury.

If you not only want to replace the current graphics card in your PC but also update it, then a proper preparation for the purchase of a graphics card can prove to be a valuable asset. And not just to get the most suitable card. More powerful graphics cards require a substantial computer power supply. It has to be one that must be able to power the video card separately via its own power connection.

In such a case, you will not only have to replace the graphics card but also update the power supply of your PC.

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