How to Choose a Perfect Projector – Projector Buyer’s Guide

If you are planning to purchase a new projector, make sure that it meets your requirement in the best possible way. No matter whether you are going to use it for commercial purpose or home theater, you must check important features before buy.

A projector can be used for watching a movie or viewing PowerPoint presentation. In both the cases, it must handle the media very well and entertain the audience with correct alignment of slideshows and spreadsheet. Home theatre projectors are somewhat different from business projectors. You need to plan out things from beforehand so that whatever money you spend provides the best of results. Here are the few tips which will help you to buy the best projector.

Display Technology –

Projectors are available in digital light processing Technology/DLP, and liquid crystal display Technology/LCD. Both of them have good quality image production and accurate representation of colors. Dlp best projectors are all about smooth motion and fast scenes. Also, they create impressive output and come with high Color contrast. Alternatively, LCD displays have vibrant 3D images and more energy efficiency. They include 3LCD chip Technology for higher image quality.

Currently liquid crystal on Silicon projectors is currently acquiring the market. These are high-end models that combine the LCD and dlp Technology together for producing the best picture quality.

Contrast Ratio –

The actual difference between the light and the dark color of the screen is expressed in numerical form. The overall comparison between the dark and white screen results in exact luminosity of the product. Purchasing a projector with the contract of 1000:1 means that you will see the brightest screen and the darkest black.


The overall brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. The brighter projector has more You can choose colorful images with white brightness and color brightness projectors. White brightness projectors come up with white light output and account for total light emitted. On the other hand, color brightness is about the color light output such as Red, yellow and blue for a crisp and sharp image.

Comparing white light and color light brightness is important in choosing the exact kind of projector you need. Choose a projector that has more color brightness so that it fulfills maximum of your purpose. Such a projector has greater lumens and provides absolutely crisp details.


Talking about the resolution, it represents the total number of pixels that are representing an image. The higher quality image comprises of more resolution or the total number of pixels. If you wish to have a clean and crisp image, having a projector that represents at least 1920 dots horizontally across the display is important. Also, the vertical alignment should not comprise of less than 1200 lines of vertical dots all together. The total dots clubbed together make up a screen that is absolutely clear and sharp.


You can choose amongst HDMI, USB and display port projectors. Make sure that projector has these connectivity options.

USB projectors –

The projectors come up with plug and play technology. You can use the projectors by connecting them within the USB socketsof the computer to function well.


HDMI projectors come up with digital connectivity and are absolutely compatible with media and blue ray players. They project high definition audio and video with the help of single cable.

Display port –

High bandwidth connection allows you to translate video and audio using a small connection. It is particularly meant to work on monitor, television, camera and computer. Display port is a comparatively older Technology that uses an adaptor to create

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