Z390 vs. Z370: Which Motherboard To Buy In 2019


Intel was launched 8th generation processor in 2017 along with Z370 chipset. After one year they have launched intel 9th generation processor and Z390 chipset. Now if you are building your PC and want to know which chipset will good for your build then this guide will help you to find the answer.

Z370 based motherboard will support 8th and 9th generation processors, but you will not get the best out of it. Now(March 2019), I am updating this post you should go for Z390 chipset based motherboard. You will not see much difference between these chipsets.

Z390 vs. Z370 Specifications Comparison

Launch DateOctober 2018October 2017
CNVi SupportYesNo
Maximum USB 3.1 Gen 2 Ports60
Memory Support DDR4DDR4

As I said you will not see much difference between these two chipsets. But the things is Z390 based motherboard got a lot of improvements. Now you can buy z390 based motherboard almost as the same price of z370 based boards. Read the guide to find the i7 8700k motherboards.

As you can see z370 chipset doesn’t support CNVi technology. CNVi stands for Intel’s integrated connectivity. This allows your system much faster wireless connectivity speed up to 1.73 Gbps.

Which one should you buy or upgrade? Z390 or Z370

If you already have Z370 based motherboard and if you are not gonna buy Intel Core i9 9900k processor then you don’t need to upgrade. If you are building a new PC then I would say highly recommend you to buy Z390 chipset motherboards. Most of the Z370 motherboards now out of stock and the price are the same, so it does not make sense to buy Z370. Now if you are thinking which is the best mobo then read this guide to buy the best z390 motherboard. If you have a plan to upgrade then spend a little bit and invest for Z390 boards.

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