How To Transfer files between your PC & Android device

There can be pictures, videos, songs or any other important document lying within your personal computer that need to be there in your hand. File transfer through PC in an Android device makes things handier and manifold manageable. You can transfer files using a data cable, wireless connection, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Transfer Files With A USB

Cable – one of the easiest methods to transfer files from laptop or computer to a smartphone is by using a USB cable. All you need to do is-

  • Plug the USB cable in your Android device and another and into your PC.
  • Locate the drive and your smartphone on the screen of your laptop.
  • Identify the phone icon and choose the files and folders that have been attached with your smartphone.
  • Move your files from PC to smartphone by simply dragging and dropping them in the folder of your smartphone.
  • In case you have an external SD card attached with your smartphone, you can shift the files in that as well.

Transfer Via Bluetooth

Yet another method to transfer files from a PC to smart phone is by using Bluetooth connectivity. Make sure that your laptop and smartphone have bluetooth enabled in them.

  • pair your smartphone or tablet with your laptop.
  • Right click upon the BlueTooth icon in the notification area of your laptop or desktop.
  • Choose the file that you wish to send using a popup menu.
  • Click next
  • Choose browse button and identify the files that you need to send to your tablet.
  • The tablet shall portray notification for the file transfer taking place.
  • Touch the finish button after the file transfer is executed.

You can find the images and videos sent through the PC in your gallery or Bluetooth album. In case your laptop does not have bluetooth connectivity, simply buy a USB bluetooth adaptor and do the needful without any hassle.

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Via WiFi Direct

You can download Wi-Fi transfer application in your laptop and smartphone to transfer files through wireless connectivity.

You can easily upload multiple files at a fraction of seconds using Wi-Fi direct method.

  • Connect your laptop or PC with smartphone or Tablet through the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Search for the media and gallery by browsing the files in your laptop.
  • Transfer the files in the smartphones device that has been already identified by your laptop or computer.

When you compare bluetooth for USB file transfer with Wi-Fi direct, the former are not less than 4.2 and the task. The immense speed of Wi-Fi direct adds convenience and Peace of Mind amongst the users.

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With the help of send functionality, data is transferred from one device to another no time. The ideal transferring method does not gives birth to any lag or time wastage. It’s the best and the most suitable method to transfer files with least time consumption.

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