Intel Z690 Vs Z590 Chipset Comparison: What Is The Difference?

Intel Z690 Vs Z590 Chipset

Are you building a PC? But Confused about which chipset-based motherboard will be good? Basically, you want to know the difference between Intel Z690 vs. Z590 chipsets.

Well, in this guide you will get your answer. In this post, I have compared Intel Z690 and Intel 590 Chipsets. So, let’s move on.

Finally, Intel has launched its 600 series desktop chipsets for the new Intel 12th Gen Core processor. This new Z690 chipset has LGA1700 Socket. Before one year they released Intel Z590 chipsets.

Intel Z590 based motherboard support 10th and 11th generation processors.Whereas Intel Z690 chipset supports 12th gen processors.

Check out the below table to know the specification of each chipset and their difference.

Intel Z690 vs. Z590 Chipset Specifications Comparison

Launch DateNovember 2021November 2020
Compatibility12th Gen Intel Core
13th Gen Intel Core
10th Gen Intel Core
11th Gen Intel Core
SATA 3.0 Ports86
Memory Support DDR4, DDR5DDR4
TDP 6 W6 W
Supports OverclockingYesYes
Max PCI Express Lanes2824
Integrated WiFiIntel Wi-Fi 6E AX211(Gig+) Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201

The big difference between these two chipsets is Intel Z690 uses an LGA1700 socket and Intel Z590 uses an LGA1200 socket.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Does Z690 Chipset Support Intel 11th gen Processor?

Ans: No, The new Intel Z690 Chipset does not support Intel 11th Gen,10th Gen,9th Gen, 8th gen, 7th Gen and 6th Generation processor. Because the latest 12th generation processor use the new Intel LGA1700 socket.

Q2: Which is the best Z690 Motherboard?

Ans: There are many good z690 chipset-based motherboards available in the market. You should pick the right one base on your budget and requirement. To find out the best one, you can check out this details guide on the best Z690 motherboard.


If you already have Z590 based motherboard and if you are not gonna buy Intel Core 12th gen processor then you don’t need to upgrade.

If you are building a new PC then I would say highly recommend you to buy Z390 chipset motherboards.

Most of the Z590 motherboards are now out of stock and the price is the almost same. In my opinion, it does not make sense to buy a Z590 chipset motherboard. Spend a little bit of buck and go for the new Z690 chipset motherboard. I have already mentioned an article to find out the best z690 motherboard.

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