USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0 Flash Drive: What’s the differences?

The latest computer devices are coming up with USB 3. 0 instead of USB 2.0 ports.  Better speed and more compatibility are not the only reasons why people are recklessly choosing USB 3.0 device and ditching the old ones. There are many reasons by USB 3.0 flash drive are winning the race.

Better  and improved speed

The latest updates image USB 3.0 comes up with standard offers with theoretical maximum signalling rate of 480 megabytes per second. In other words former USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 flash drive. Rate of data transmission comes up with no bottleneck in 3.0 USB flash drive.

Different colour

If you wish to differentiate USB 2.0 from USB 3.0 port, the latter comes with blue colour from within. USB 3.0 flash drive performs much better in the real world. In case of USB 2.0 flash drive, they have a maximum speed of 9.5 MB per second. On the other hand, USB 3.0 flash drive have a better data transmission speed of 286.2 MB per second.

The best USB 3.0 drive is almost 28 times faster than a normal USB 2.0 flash drive. The more you invest upon a USB flash drive, the better quality can be received.

Price difference

Price is definitely a considerable factor when it comes to choosing the best USB flash drive. You can go for 8GB 2.0 flash drive at just $10. On the other hand, none of the 3.0 flash drive is available at less than $40. The faster the USB flash drive, the higher is the speed. Therefore, you need to ask yourself whether you want a cheap drive or something that works better and faster.

Release date

USB 2.0 flash drive was released in April 2000. Talking about USB 3.0 line type, it was released in November 2008 and capable of transparent 5gb per second data .


USB 2.0 can charge device at . 5 ampere where as USB 3.0 can charge device .9 ampere. The difference is quite small but very significant. You can use USB 2.0 to charge smartphone and tablets at a normal speed. However, you are going to use USB 3.0 cable, you can search everything at less than 5 hours. Not to mention power USB 3 has significant role play in the modern technology that it has already replaced USB 3.1 that had been released in 2013.

Which USB to use?

You can use any of the USB depending upon your budget and  data transfer requirement. It is needless to go for USB 3.0 for supplying Power to gaming Mouse or keyboard. USB 2.0 flash drives are still not out of fashion. They are preferably used till date and have a little scope in the upcoming era.

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