How to Make Collage on Instagram

Are you an avid Instagram user and still don’t know how to make a collage on Instagram? Don’t worry; I can understand the importance of your Instagram story. Hence, to help you out in this situation, I’ve arranged this step-by-step guide on how to make a collage on Instagram. 

So, let’s start it without further delay.

Set the Stage: Unveiling the Magic of Collages

Make Collage on Instagram

Before we get into the actual process, let’s stop for a minute to understand the value of your Instagram collage. Collages are a fantastic way to showcase your valuable memories in a single photograph. 

Each photograph tells something different. And I’m sure your followers will keep scrolling your posts once you make your moments into a digital gallery.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Collage

1. Gathering Memories: Let the Creative Sparks Unfold 

So, the first step is to collect all the photographs you want in your Instagram collage. It can be slices of different moments in your life or anything you like. So, next, click on your Instagram story, slide down to open the camera and tap left on the layout option. 

2. Choosing the Layout: Where Art Meets Arrangement

Now, it is time to choose your favourite layout. You can select the layout based on how your photos will look in it. Instagram has many layout options, so select the one that will match the vibe of your photos and your personal touch. After all, each layout brings its own flavour to the visual feast! 

3. Adding the Photos: Building Your Masterpiece

Here comes the fun part: piecing together your collage. After choosing the layout, tap on the files with the “+” sign at the bottom left of the screen to select the images. Don’t be afraid to experiment with placement – overlapping, rotating, or flipping images can create a visually stunning effect. 

4. Filters and Effects: Elevate the Aesthetics

Now, it’s time to add some Instagram magic to your photograph. After selecting the images, you can add filters or effects just by tapping at the top of the right side of the screen. You’ll find many options there. Whether you prefer a vintage vibe or a bold burst of colour, Instagram’s array of filters has everything you need. 

5. Creative Captions: Words that Echo Memories

Writing a few words for the photograph you just created with all care will highlight your efforts and make your moments more precious. So, write a caption that will do justify your memories and will resonate with your emotions. Whether it’s a heartfelt quote, a quirky anecdote, or a simple emoji, let your creativity shine through your captions. 

6. Perfecting the Collage: Fine-Tuning and Flourishing

With your collage taking shape, give it a final once-over. Check if it needs any adjustments or a slight touch to make it picture-perfect. Remember, the more you’ll pay attention to the details, the more it’ll be perfect. So, don’t rush this step – perfection is within your grasp. 


So, is your college ready now? With each collage you create, you’re not just sharing pictures but pieces of your life’s mosaic. And you have learned something new in the creative world of Instagram. So, let your hands bring the magic and keep shining. 


1: Will my collages appear in my followers’ feeds?

Yes, when you post a collage, it will appear just like any other post in your followers’ feeds, allowing them to admire your creative prowess.

2: Can I edit my collage after posting it?

Once you post a collage, you can’t edit it directly. However, you can delete the post and create a new collage with your desired changes.

3: How can I make my collage stand out?

Experiment with different themes, colours, and layouts. Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild!

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