How To Delete Twitch Account

It’s obvious for a human to face problems or get tired out of monotony. You can get compelled to look for greener pastures by getting bored out of the routine life. twitch doesn’t provide any option for the users to delete the data. However, it does gives an option to disable the account which is equally best.

Disabling twitch account evaluates public twitch service on the spot. You won’t be able to access your account and Discover thanks by visiting it. The information could be changed manually by disabling the account through the twitch account. Here is the guide that you need to go through for knowing what exactly must be done –

Steps for completely disabling your twitch account

  • Visit your twitch account by logging on to the official website of twitch
  • Click over the dropdown menu and select settings located on the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Call down the buttons and you will see disable option on your twitch account
  • Instantly click upon disable account option and proceed in further
  • As soon as you disable your twitch account, there will be a prom asking for feedback, user account and password. You need to share a genuine reason for leaving the account as a part of the formality
  • Disable account option and the account will get deactivated with immediate effect

Is there any important thing to remember?

you need to take the decision in complete consciousness. Do not randomly Disable the account as it may have some effect on your store data. If you have made up your mind to quit using twitch, make sure you do the following activities –

  • Remove all your personal data – the best is to evacuate all the important information that you wish to remain protected. Your biodata and real name is recommended to be removed from the charming. Use custom widgets to do the same.
  • Disconnect from remaining accounts – one of the best parts of deleting twitch account is that you can remove your linkage with other social media channels as well. connect yourself with Facebook and Twitter and break all the connection that third-party service provides. Navigate to the setting option and click over the connection tab to remove the Green tick on other social media channels
  • Do inform others – it’s a social media platform, it’s important to keep your viewers informed. Randomly this evening the account can cause a problem to several people who follow you. Also give them an alternative so that they can stay in touch with you.

Why you may feel like deleting your twitch account?

You may feel like deleting your account reluctantly or willingly. In any case there will be a reasonbehind such a decision. maximum of the users who reported to delete their twitch account told us the following few reasons-

  • Unwanted intrusion
  • excessive social media accounts
  • rival streaming service
  • multiple Twitch account

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