How to Delete IMVU Account

There is much information that people must know when they have decided to delete the IMVU accounts successfully. Here this is made sure that the readers are enlightened to the best regarding the how to delete the IMVU accounts. Here all the crucial information regarding the deletion of the IMVU accounts are mentioned so that the readers are not unaware of the procedure, especially the termination process and can do that on their own without seeking the help of some tech-savvy person. Following are the steps which can help you delete the account of IMVU making the use of a special removal page.

What is IMVU account?

IMVU was founded in the year 2003, and the website was initially given financial support by Menlo Ventures, Allegis Capital, Bridgescale partners, and best buy capitals. The members make the use of 3D avatars to meet new people, play games, chat, create etc. In 2014 the website had a total number of four million users in the whole world. These days the active players are not known exactly.

These days the site is having the largest number of virtual goods catalogue with 30 million items. The business had been placed in the mountain of California, and it is known as the lean startup approach. The promotional credits are shortly abbreviated as promo credits. These are the second form of currencies which are distributed to the members. These are obtained by participating in several of the partner promotions and some other activities which are specified by IMVU for its members.

The community of IMVU

There are many content creators as well as users who are creating and selling the products in the catalogue of IMVU. There are many third party sites as well which add up to the source of IMVU. They deal with virtual products. In the year 2015 IMVU acquires a fun adult gallery which was known as the FunAffinity. In accordance to the site acquired the acquisition was a very thing that worked to bring the members of IMVU closer.


This is a three-dimensional avatar-based social experience where there is the largest 3D world and catalogue where you are given the allowance to customize your look and have met with new people. This application was so famous just because it was based on the real-world experience of the communication skills.

Chats with the friends’ and join the virtual world so that you won’t be lonely more. This is a chat room that you creates focusing on the capability you possess. This has to do nothing about any of your real life whereabouts merely. You may look a certain way buts still make friends in this virtual platform.


The IMVU has its economic system with the currency based on IMVU credits and Promo credits. Exclusively for the creators, there is another currency which is known as developer tokens which are purchased when a user purchases some items making the use of promo credits. This currency can also be bought online making the use of actual currencies.

Benefits of using the application

Are you all shattered with the complexes you possess? Are you alone? Well, there is a solution, and that is one can make the use of IMVU to step into a new world. Though the world is virtual, still one can merely forget all the concerns of the real world and can enjoy your own time there. This is most helpful when you are growing through some complex feeling like if you find yourself inferior to people in some of the other way, then this can really make you feel all well and elevated here.

You can make the use of the application and customize your looks as well as behave the way you want. This enhances the confidence level you have and also make sure that you enhance the communication skills here. You will also tend to overcome the loneliness you have by using this application and interacting with new people. Using this you will also be able to express yourself and your traits to the fullest.

A secret transform of the ways of socialization

This cannot be denied that the social media sites have brought about a great change in the ways of socialization but at the same time they do have few things to do with the real life and the complex feel is still not overcome. This application is all on the desire of the user, and the basic concept is one can customize looks as per the wish.

This brings a major difference in the ways of socialization, and also you can overcome loneliness. You can find many friends on the platform and can meet new people as you do in the real world. Without any interference of the physical appearance of the person or any details about the geographical belonging and any personal thing, one can make friends and interact with them with ease.

These are the steps with which you can delete your account on the Facebook page:

  • Open the removal page at first.
  • Then log in your email ID with the Email and password.
  • After entering the password continue.
  • This deletes your account, and that’s all.

How to delete IMVU account?

If you are opting to delete it on the phone then all you need to do is to follow the below steps:

  • The first thing that one requires to do is to head on to the website.
  • Sign with the username and password of the IMVU account.
  • This is quite an important step that has to be taken seriously. Make sure that you have deleted all your images, texts, badges etc. This step must not be skipped when it comes to the deletion of the IMVU account. Rather one must make sure that all these things are deleted from the account.
  • Once this is over, one must go for the IMVU Delete Account link.
  • While visiting the link, one must make sure that the account is removed. After you needed up confirming that you are closing the account, you will receive a mail which verifies the request. If you are with any sort of doubt, then this can be the last chance for you to enable.
  • After this, you will have your account deleted.

Few things to be taken care of while deletion of the account

You must never forget to remove the application if you have ever signed in the account making the use of other social networking sites like those of Facebook, Instagram etc. If there is any confusion regarding your wish to again revive access to the account, then everything is okay but if not then the account is not fully deleted. To delete every accessible way to revive the account one needs to go to the social networking apps with which the account signed in and then go to the account setting. There you can look for the application list and then get the IMVU app deleted.

This was all about how one can delete the account successfully. If you are struggling with some reason that’s coming to your ways to delete the account, then you can take the help of this article to find a way out. This article can be of great help and enlighten you with the perfect way to get the account deleted permanently.

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