How to Change Steam Account Name

Change Steam Account Name

Steam refers to a gaming technology site that is based on cloud computing. It is a fantastic site that allows its users to store and buy online games. Moreover, the establishment of Steam was there in the year 2003.

Further, it is a game-focused digital platform that is here to stay and has its roots for approximately two decades.

Some of the users of Steam have had their loyalty towards the site since its origin.

Surprisingly, the important thing regarding gaming usernames is, what you thought to be super cool in your teenage does not seem that cool when you are somewhat older.

For gaming platforms such as Steam, the concept of gaming has its deep roots since people were young. In this, naming means the world, or it can be a miniature thing, depending upon your thought process or perspective.

Now, if you have your account name on the Steam site, then do you have the option to change it?

So, before resolving this query, you must know that there is a debating line between the account name and various other usernames.

The account name of your Steam site refers to a number that has no option to change. The profile name of Steam refers to friends’ names of yours plus other gamers. And you will see that it can be altered.

How to Change Steam Account Name

You will be surprised to know that the account name of Steam can’t be changed. It is a numeric identifier that links to your account, plus that can’t be changed in any scenario.

So that is why it is unknown, though there is a clear understanding that T&C’s of Steam can’t be modified.

Changing The Profile Name Of Steam

The profile name of Steam is a different one. It is the name that you can see on the page’s top, or it appears on the top right.

It is where your friends will see your name and contact you as they want to play the game.

Step by step guide to Change Steam Account Name

  • First, log in to your Steam Account. Then, select your current username that you will see on the right side in the top corner.
  • Now, go to “View Profile” which is there in the drop-down menu.
  • Now, Click on the Edit Profile that you will see on the right side
  • Now, write your existing name for changing it.
  • Finally, choose “Save Changes,” present at the page’s bottom for saving it.

Hence, immediately, the name of your profile should modify so that everyone with whom you are connected, can view you or your profile.

Deleting Your Steam account

Delete your Steam account simply requires your permission to acknowledge or comply with a request for the permanent deletion of your Steam account. Moreover, Steam’s support team shall promptly contact you and ask you for your own proof to complete the request.

Can Two Accounts Of Steam Merge?

Well, two separate Steam accounts have no chance of merging. As per Steam’s subscriber agreement, the keys of CD are not transferable; hence, it can’t be enabled to reset or move between two separate or different accounts of Steam.

To Create A New Account

Once your Steam account of yours is deleted or canceled or you want to use any other email account, you can easily create a new account of Steam.

Further, there will be a process of verification. In this, you will require the verification of your new email address of yours. Next, you can select the new name of your account.

Your account name of yours must mirror precisely what is your personality, who you’re, what are your likes, dislikes, and your vision. So instead of selecting “DallasCowboysfan08”, go and try upon “NFLfan” as no one knows about the predictable future.

Privacy Settings Of Steam

When a person is self-conscious about his/her account name, you always have the option of setting up your account for privacy settings.

On the page of “My Privacy Settings,” you will see on the profile’s page right-hand side.

Now, you have the option of toggling to “Private” or “Friends Only.”

Moreover, there is no requirement of hitting the save button, once you have toggled your account info as your all-new privacy choices are set.

For people who have modified their privacy or identities in the past years, setting your Steam account to private is probably the ultimate solution for the dilemma of your account name.

We hope all the above information will greatly help you out to Change your Steam Account Name.

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