Dyson V10 VS V11 – All Version Compared

Dyson V10 VS V11

Today I will be compared Dyson V10 VS V11 models. Dyson has produced many effective cordless vacuum cleaners over the years for better flexible cleaning of your house.  With so many products to choose from users may fall on dilemma which model or version is best suited for them. Here in this article we will be comparing the latest two models of cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Dyson naming V10 and V11. V11 is the latest one introduced in market and V10 is released before that. Both of them are very effective vacuum cleaners, offers great features and they are great in performance. Moreover they offer many user friendly features which make them easy to use for users. We will compare both this models of Dyson so that you can find it easy to select the best stick vacuum cleaner suitable for you. Let have a look at Dyson V10 VS V11 comparison.

Dyson V10 VS V11 Comparison:

Design: As both the V10 and V11 belong to the V series of Dyson stick vacuum cleaners, both of them are build on same design platform. There are very little differences in terms of design among the sub-models of V10 and V11. The models of V10 and V11 are almost similar with same type of extension wand, HEPA filtration, accessories etc. But the main difference is that you get a LCD/LED screen on the V11 that shows different cleaning modes and battery life, where as you get no such screen on V10. The V11 also has a more powerful suction motor which makes it slightly heavy almost 6.7lbs compared to the V10 which has a weight of 5.8lbs. Another important addition in the V11 is the DLS intelligent cleaning mode that adjusts the suction based on the surface it is working on. One plus point of V10 is that along with torque drive cleaning head it additionally has a fluffy cleaning head but it does not come with V11.

With the multiple accessories like torque drive head, mini motorized tool, crevice tool, stubborn dirt brush, combination tool etc the vacuum cleaner can easily clean the car seats carpets, floor stairs, beds, sofas and also can go under the sofas, beds, cupboards to effectively clean the hard to reach areas of your home. Moreover the motorized cleaning head can rotate 90° sideways for better cleaning. Both the vacuum cleaners have trigger switch operating function. The vacuum cleaners are designed in such a way that one can very easily change the stick vacuum cleaner into a handheld vacuum suction within a matter of seconds.

Dyson V10 VS V11

Motor: Both V11 and V10 use same kind of Dyson digital motor and cyclone technology. But the powerful motor of V11 rotates at 125000 rpm creating very powerful suction compared to the V10, almost 20% more. More suction power means more efficient cleaning of dirt and dust. But it doesn’t mean that the suction of V10 is not effective, for an average house hold the provided motor creates enough suction to collect all the ground-in dirt, pet hair, dust and debris.

Monitor: In the V10 there is no monitor added by Dyson for displaying different modes, it only shows battery with an indicator, it just has a multi-switch to change between different cleaning modes.

Dyson V10 VS V11

In case of V11, Dyson V11 Torque drive model has added LCD screen on the top of the vacuum cleaner for visual output for Auto mode, Eco mode, Boost mode, remaining runtime, filter maintenance alerts and blockade alerts. In the V11 Animal model the screen offered is an LED screen that only shows the current cleaning mode and a battery symbol that shows battery life.

Cleaning Heads: Dyson has equipped V11 and V10 with multiple cleaning heads for different types of cleaning surfaces. The most powerful cleaning head that comes with both vacuum cleaners is the Torque Drive cleaner head (Dyson’s best cleaning head) that provides 20% more suction than regular vacuum cleaners and cleaning all kind of floor surface with precision. It sucks up the dirt, pet hair, bristles of carpet and any kind of large debris with ease and deposits them in the dirt bin.

Dyson V10 is equipped with an extra soft brush cleaning head for hard floors which is not provided in V11 model.

The Torque Drive cleaning head in V11 comes with advanced DLS (Dynamic load sensor) system that intelligently detects the floor surface and adjusts the suction power to maximum for carpet and minimum for hard floor.

Run Time: Dyson has upgraded the battery in V11 and it has increased the runtime of V11 by 30% compared to the V10 in every cleaning mode and using every cleaning head. After testing them both we found that with the Torque drive cleaning head in Eco mode (low suction mode) the V10 approximately gives a runtime of 45-60 minutes depending on the floor surface, whereas on same surface V11 with its Torque drive cleaning head provides almost 60-75 minutes of runtime. In other cleaning modes like Boost and Auto the runtime of V10 is 5-9 minutes and 26-30 minutes and the runtime of V11 in the boost and auto mode is 8-14 minutes and 36-43 minutes repectively.

Battery: Dyson has used 7 cell lithium batteries in the new V11 for longer battery backup which has resulted in 1lb weight increase compared to the V10. The powerful battery also requires extra time for full recharge. The time taken by V10 to full recharge is approximately 3.5 hours whereas the V11 takes almost 4.5 hours to fully recharge the batteries before working.

It can be said that for added runtime a user must deal with extra weight and extra time. These are the two downsides of V11 according to us.

Cleaning Performance: Although the V11 comes with an upgraded motor for better suction and cleaning there is not a big difference in cleaning performance of V11 and V10. When we took a deep clean test on carpet with both the vacuum cleaners, it is found that V11 collected almost 5-6% more sand or dust than V10. On low, medium and high suction V10 respectively cleans 82%, 89% and 99% of dust from carpet; on same suction variables V11 cleans 90%, 97% and 99-100% dust particles respectively.

After testing debris pick up test on hard floor we found, both V10 and V11 took only one attempt to pick up debris in high power suction, but in low power suction the V10 took twice the time taken by V11 to pick up the debris on the floor.

Accessories: The V11 comes equipped with torque drive head, extension wand, mini motorized tool, crevice tool, stubborn dirt brush, combination tool, charger and docking station. The fluffy brush roll for hard floor is included in V11 absolute but this model is not available in USA.

The V10 on the other hand comes with torque drive head, extension wand, combination tool, crevice tool, mini- motorized tool, mini- soft dusting brush, charger and docking station. Only added accessory that is included in the V10 is the fluffy brush roll.

Noise: The noise level recorded on V10 is around 75-83dB depending on the 3 modes whereas V11 even with more powerful motor emits less noise than V10 which is around 68-76dB also depending upon the suction mode.

Emptying the Dust Bin: There is no difference what so ever in the process of emptying the dust bin as both V10 and V11 uses “point and shoot” emptying system. Just point the handheld part of the vacuum over the trash bin of your house and slide the latch of the vacuum cleaners dust bin, it will forcefully empty the collected dirt in your trash can.

Maintenance costs: As Dyson provides full filtration system of vacuum cleaner with washable HEPA filters, there is no maintenance cost required for both the V10 and V11. The battery provided inside the vacuum cleaner should last for at least a couple of years, if it drains out completely then the two year warranty will provide you with replaced battery free of cost.

Should you buy a V10?

V10 Versions: There are 3 models of V10 available they are V10 Absolute, Animal, and Motorhead.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute:

The best model of V10 comes with the most accessories of the series and performs superbly across your house hold providing satisfaction to the customers. The powerful Dyson digital motor beautifully collects the dust, debris and allergens from every nook and corner effortlessly. The washable HEPA filtration absorbs 99% of the micro dust particles and allergens of your pets, thus preventing them to return in your house through the exhaust of Vacuum cleaner. This version of V10 has the highest price tag compared to other V10 models because it comes with added accessories like soft roller cleaner head. With the torque drive cleaner head you get 20 minutes of fade free performance, 40 minutes of runtime with soft brush roll and without the motorized cleaner head you get 60 minutes of runtime.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal:

The Dyson V10 Animal is the same as the V10 Absolute with the same motor, same cleaning head, same filtration, and same accessories but without soft brush roll. The price is around $20 less than the V10 absolute.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead:

This version has the lowest price tag as it comes with very little accessories and only a motorized cleaning head.

You can choose any of these versions of V10 depending upon your need and budget. Of course with extra tools and accessories, you get an upper hand but these extra tools will cost you extra dollars. Each of these V10 vacuum cleaners is equally competent to clean your house with precision and must less effort than any other corded or cordless vacuum cleaner available in the market.

Should you buy a V11?

V11 Versions:

Only 2 versions of V11 are available at this moment, they are V11 Torque drive and Animal.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive:

This version is the best model of V11 with LCD display showing different cleaning modes, remaining battery runtime, blockade alerts and filter maintenance alerts. The addition of new advanced DLS system, enhanced Dyson digital motor and long battery life makes it one of the best vacuum cleaners in market. Its price tag is also high compared to V10 but to get the best vacuum cleaner you have to spend more.

Dyson V11 Animal:

This model cost less than the V11 Torque drive as it comes with LED display instead of LCD, otherwise no difference is there in design and performance between the two models of V11. All the accessories and tools provided are same in both models.

If you can afford the V11 you should go for it because it has enhanced battery life, powerful motor and the best feature is the intelligent DLS system. You are guaranteed to have better cleaning performance than the V10 and why not go with the vacuum cleaner that has more technological advantage. Rest is up to you. Dyson V10 VS V11

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