Supra USB 3.0 Drive

Leef Supra 3.0 is one of the smallest 3.0 USB Flash drives available with a low profile that makes it easy to leave in any USB port.

  • Built with Leef's PrimeGrade Memory which is waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof
  • Leef's signature soft-glow LED
  • Copy and share data up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0


  • Fast speed

    I tested Supra by CrystalDiskMark on my laptop and I received nice results:
    * MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [SATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

    Sequential Read : 89.190 MB/s

    Sequential Write : 28.554 MB/s

    Test : 1000 MB [F: 0.0% (0.0/30.0 GB)] (x5)

    Date : 2014/01/21 21:14:18

    OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Edition SP1 [6.1 Build 7601] (x64)

    ~ Posted by Dan

  • Fantastic little device

    The device is quite small but very comfortable to use. If you're afraid of using it you can just attach it to a key chain or lanyard.

    In terms of speed it's quite good and I really do like the bright LED but some people (like already mentioned in a previous review it might be a little too bright).

    Overall though the design is excellent and stylish, the build quality is quite solid and its easy to insert and remove.

    ~ Posted by Herb

  • Logical IT solution

    There are no high-speed characteristics in the description, therefore the device slow

    ~ Posted by Игорь

  • Great drive for the size and capacity. LED too bright.

    I use this drive for MP3's in my truck. It's a great drive that has a great capacity. I have well over 1000 songs on the drive with room for growth.

    The only gripe I have is that the LED is way way too bright if your USB opening is on the dash and you're driving at night. It really is a bother when it's strobing right in your face while driving. Other USB drives I have have a much more subtle light. This is like a strobe. Too bright.

    ~ Posted by Joshua Brown

  • Awesome Product

    I bough this flash drive for my car. It works great.

    ~ Posted by Andrew Edwards

  • Love it

    I keep it plugged into my laptop at all times. Sleek and never in the way. Extremely fast, and the light is a great touch

    ~ Posted by Bradford Davis

  • Excellent, affordable USB 3.0 flash drive!

    I absolutely love products from Leef, fantastic manufacturer that makes these cool little flash drives and if you’ve been following along with my reviews you would know that I’ve previously reviewed the Leef Bridge and the Magnet 3.0 which are both great, fantastic flash drives from Leef and I use them on a regular basis for my daily needs but the new Leef Supra 3.0 USB flash drive is definitely on my list as one of the best flash drives that I’ve ever encountered. So to start off, the Supra is both Mac and PC compatible so it’s great to use for both operating systems. It comes in a 16GB, and also 32 GB storage capacities. The 16GB model retails for $14.99, the 32GB model retails for $25.99. The Supra comes with two colors, Charcoal and Silver. Design-wise it has a cool aluminum body that is so beautifully crafted and elegantly designed. The Supra looks great and stylish and it goes along very nicely with whatever computer you have. The Supra’s also got this cool signature soft-glow LED light from Leef which lights up when you plug it into the USB port and it also shimmers when it’s transferring files which is a great addition to a flashdrive that’s awesome already. The Supra furthermore is USB 3.0 certified which is currently the latest and fastest way for data transferring and theoretically speaking, the data will move up to 10 times faster than the old USB 2.0 and I’m going to do a little speed comparison right now for you guys to get a sense of how fast the Supra, with the USB 3.0 technology compare it with a USB 2.0 flashdrive. In this speed test, I will copy and move a 497 MB video file into both the old USB 2.0 flashdrive and the Leef Supra. After the file file transfer is complete, the Leef Supra with its USB 3.0 technology obviously came in first with only taking 1 minute and 4 seconds while the old USB 2.0 flashdrive came in last at 1 minute and 26 seconds. This 22 second difference is huge and definitely makes you want to get the Supra 3.0 for the speed. Perhaps my favorite feature of the Supra 3.0 is that it features the trademarked PrimeGrade memory technology from Leef which mean the data you store in the flashdrive will always be there safe and secure because the memory chip contained inside the drive is extremely high quality and therefore it’s resistant to water and dust and other common life accidents. So to sum it all up, I’d 100% recommend the Supra to anyone out there that’s in the market for a flashdrive and you want a top notch flashdrive with the fast USB 3.0 speed that’s extremely affordable starting at only $14.99 and for those that want a flashdrive that’s stylish and always will prevent common life accident which then keeps your data safe with the PrimeGrade memory technology.

    ~ Posted by Muwen360

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16 GB, 32 GB, 64GB

USB Standard
High-speed USB 3.0 Compliant, USB 2.0 Backwards Compatible

Charcoal, Silver

14.97 x 21.60 x 7.58 mm

Operating Temperature
0°C - 70°C

Storage Temperature
-25°C - 85°C

System Requirements
Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® XP (SP3), Windows Vista® (SP1, SP2), Windows 2000®, Apple® Mac OS X or later

Regulatory Compliance

5-year limited warranty

Country of Origin
Made in China

Manufacturer Part Number
LS300CX016E4, LS300CX032E4, LS300SX016E4, LS300SX032E4